Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Hair Colors 2011

Hey guys, I am back! Life has been a little bit hectic lately...end of the school year for my students, grades are do, lots of summer garden planting, and working on my grad classes! Yes...crazy :) Anyway, something I have been looking into is summer hair color.  I most always feel dissatisfied by my own hair color...light brownish. I am always looking for some color change, though I have not colored my hair in years.  Maybe it is time again? I really want to brighten up my look, but at the same time, I don't want to damage my silky hair like I have in the past.  Perhaps a few lighter highlights on the top layer of my hair for summer?  I want that sun kissed look.  It seems that people in Hollywood are brightening up a bit for summer.


I ordinarily love dark hair and don't understand WHY anyone with dark locks would go lighter, but in the case of Ashley Greene, I feel differently. Her color change in brilliant! It has inspired me to take a little color to my hair perhaps....does anyone else change up their hair color for summer?

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Tricia said...

I for one in NO WAY will be dying my hair. I have never dyed my hair as it makes me nervous. I can't commit to what I'm having for lunch nevermind what hair I'll have for a couple of months. BUT from what I've seen in the summer, it's always fun to have a few highlights, just don't overdo it!