Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quest for Perfection

I am always on a quest for perfection.  Perfection of my looks first of all, and secondly of my relationship, third of my life in general...and my severe, severe lack of organization.  I honestly don't know how some women do it. They are incredibly organized and always well put together.  Me on the other hand, I go off half cocked most of the time. For example, I can never manage to get myself ready in the morning on time. My hair is NEVER perfect (with the weather we have been having on the east coast lately it has been a frizz ball).  My makeup is usually okay, but I never ever apply powder or lipstick before I get to work.  I am always doing it in the bathroom or in my classroom.  I NEVER take my clothes out the night before, so I am always rushing around looking for a matching outfit.  Half of the time I don't wash my clothes often enough so I don't have much of a selection. So my question to those amazing women who are put together and organized is...HOW do you do it? Please give me a step by step list of how to become organized and put together!!! I really, really need it! It is not possible to have my perfect life if I look like a bag lady :)

She always looks so put together!
So does Penelope!

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